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Senate passes bill to reimburse National Guard troops for proper meals

Barrett: ‘Thanks to generous donations we can show our appreciation to these soldiers’

LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan Senate on Tuesday approved a bill enabling private funds raised by Sen. Tom Barrett and a Democratic colleague to reimburse National Guard troops for money spent on meals.

“It is unacceptable that the men and women serving in our capital were served unsafe and inedible food,” said Barrett, R-Charlotte. “Since the contractor failed to correct the problem, we felt it necessary to do what we could to make it right for these soldiers.”

The caterer contracted to feed National Guard soldiers in Washington served the troops undercooked and ill-prepared meals that led to several instances of food poisoning and forced the troops to spend their own money to buy food that was safe to eat.

House Bill 4019 would enable more than $105,000 of private money raised by Barrett and Sen. Adam Hollier, D-Detroit, to be sent to troops in Washington.

“I would like to thank my Democratic colleague from Detroit for working with me to raise these funds for the troops,” Barrett said. “Thanks to the generosity of so many people and the unanimous support of my colleagues we can show our appreciation to these soldiers.

“It is good for all involved when members from each side of the aisle can put our differences aside, come together and do what is right for those who serve and protect us.”

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