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Sen. Barrett comments on 2019 State of the State address

LANSING, Mich. — After listening to the governor’s 2019 State of the State address Tuesday night, Senate Transportation and Instructure Committee Chairman Tom Barrett, R-Charlotte, issued the following statement:

“Michigan has made great strides over the last eight years — with a re-energized economy that has created over 560,000 jobs, cut unemployment by more than half, and put the state on firm financial footing.

“Our job now is to find common ground to continue that positive momentum and build on it to create more prosperity and opportunity.

“We must work together with the governor to finally make auto insurance affordable and continue to increase our investments in fixing the roads and educating our children.

“We also need to support our veterans, protect life, and ensure families have clean drinking water.

“I look forward to seeing more details of the governor’s plans when she unveils her budget next month.”