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Barrett supports tornado relief funds for Shiawassee County

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Tom Barrett on Tuesday supported supplemental funding that features financial relief to help Shiawassee County public safety agencies with expenses following two tornadoes that hit the area hard in March.

“In the aftermath of the devastating tornadoes, it was impressive to see the efforts by local first responders to help the people who are affected,” said Barrett, R-Charlotte. “While the effort illustrated the strength and resiliency of the community, it also put a huge strain on local public safety budgets.

“I want to thank Representative Ben Frederick for helping secure this important funding, which — along with many generous private donations — will help these first responders continue to protect area families.”

Senate Bill 150 is a supplemental appropriations bill for the current 2019 fiscal year. It includes $163,000 for documented expenses that would help first responders in 13 Shiawassee County agencies bridge the gap for the extra costs due to the two tornadoes that touched down March 14.

The tornadoes damaged 94 homes, four businesses, 16 barns and several vehicles — with properties in Vernon, Venice and Shiawassee townships particularly hit hard.

“When we toured the storm damage the next day, we could already see neighbors helping neighbors as people came together in the wake of tremendous loss,” Barrett said. “I encourage the governor to help the people of Shiawassee County recover by approving this financial relief.”

SB 150 now heads to the governor.


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