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Barrett, Frederick applaud approval of Shiawassee County tornado relief

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Tom Barrett and Rep. Ben Frederick on Monday applauded the approval of financial relief funding that will help Shiawassee County public safety agencies with expenses following two tornadoes in March.

“Immediately after the devastating tornadoes, local first responders did an outstanding job protecting area families and the community came together to help those affected by the storms,” said Barrett, R-Charlotte. “When Representative Frederick and I toured the damage the next day, we saw the amazing strength and resiliency of neighbors helping neighbors. However, those efforts put a strain on local public safety budgets.”

Senate Bill 150 is a supplemental appropriations bill for the current 2019 fiscal year. It includes $163,000 for documented expenses that would help first responders in 13 Shiawassee County agencies bridge the gap for the extra costs due to the March 14 tornadoes, which damaged 94 homes, four businesses, 16 barns and several vehicles.

“Our community rallied together and stayed strong in the face of adversity,” said Frederick, R-Owosso. “Our first responders and law enforcement agencies led the charge, working around the clock while partnering to keep our families safe. I appreciate legislators on both sides of the aisle coming together to ensure our Shiawassee County first responders are supported.”

Relief funding for local agencies under the bill include:
• $64,630 for the Shiawassee County Road Commission;
• $6,040 for the Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Office;
• $800 for the Burns Township Fire Department;
• $1,320 for the Hazelton Township Fire Department;
• $10,510 for the Shiawassee Township Fire Department;
• $800 for the Swartz Creek Fire Department;
• $11,160 for the Venice Township Fire Department;
• $43,000 for the Vernon Township Fire Department;
• $4,640 for the Owosso Department of Public Works;
• $990 for Delhi Township Public Works;
• $1,820 for the city of Corunna;
• $14,310 for the city of Durand; and
• $3,580 for the city of Perry.