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Barrett comments on approval of money for troops’ meals

‘I am grateful so many rose to the challenge and gave generously to this cause’

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Tom Barrett, R-Charlotte, on Friday issued the following statement after the governor signed House Bill 4019, which will enable private funds he and a colleague raised to reimburse National Guard troops for money spent on meals:

“This is long overdue. I was furious when I learned the caterer contracted to feed National Guard soldiers in Washington served the troops undercooked and ill-prepared meals earlier this year, leading to several instances of food poisoning and forcing the troops to spend their own money to buy food that was safe to eat.

“So after talking with my Democratic colleague from Detroit, Sen. Adam Hollier, we decided that since the contractor failed to correct the problem, we would do what was necessary to make it right for these soldiers.

“I am so grateful that so many individuals and private organizations rose to the challenge and gave more than $105,000 to support this cause. Because of their generosity, the troops in Washington will be reimbursed for their out-of-pocket expenses on these meals. It’s the least we can do.”