Barrett bills would broaden the use of military surplus vehicles

LANSING, Mich. — The Senate on Tuesday approved legislation sponsored by Sen. Tom Barrett to expand the personal use of military surplus vehicles.

Under Senate Bills 344 and 346, military surplus vehicles would be eligible to receive vehicle identification numbers, be registered and be titled for on-road usage. This would allow them to be used for general transportation.

“When Humvees and other military vehicles are retired from service, civilians can purchase them at auction from the federal government. Owners of these types of vehicles want them for their personal use, collection and restoration,” said Barrett, R-Charlotte. “Unfortunately, under current law, ex-military vehicles can only be registered as off-road vehicles, with off-road vehicle titles.

“My bills would enable folks to register these vehicles for parades, events and general use.”

Under SB 344, a military surplus vehicle applying for registration must be inspected by a police officer. The bill also would allow the secretary of state to issue a historic vehicle registration plate to the owner of a historic military surplus vehicle.

SB 346 would exempt military surplus vehicles from air emission testing requirements, in the same way that historic vehicles, vehicles manufactured before the 1975 model year and motorcycles are exempted from these requirements.

SBs 344-346 have been sent to the Michigan House for consideration.